About Us

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Here at Smarter Spaces, we see space differently, re-defining any space for profit. Every day your commercial space sits empty is a day of lost opportunity and missed revenue.

We are here to assist vendors in maximising full revenue and getting the best possible return. We cater for not only long term leasing and management but also short term. Many new/smaller businesses are often not willing to invest into a long-term agreement without previously trialling the space.

This is where the beauty of short term leasing and management comes into play. Whilst the initial agreement may only be for short term it is usually used as a trial period for the tenants. For example, if they can occupy the space for 3 months rather than investing into a 3 year deal this will let them get their foot in the market of the area they are in, will allow them to see how profitable it is and by the end of the three months if everything has worked out then this would most likely be extended into the longer team agreement that everyone desires. However, at the same time, instead of your space lying idle and vacant for these three months you will be seeing a flow of income coming in.

Who we are and what we do.

We are the market leaders in ensuring no space goes unoccupied. We will work with you to find a suitable tenant, whether it be short or long term. We will manage your space for you, taking the time, pressure and stress away from yourself. We are currently working with many businesses and local start-ups that would love the opportunity to expand their brand name.

Pop-up shops

With the costs of long leases going through the roof, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to dip their toes in the water and test the market without committing to a costly long lease they might not be able to afford. Your space might just provide the perfect short-term showcase for what their business has to offer. Space-providers keen on short leases and an exciting, constantly rotating selection of clients (as opposed to an empty premises) can use our fully-managed services to get in touch with an immense range of small business owners looking to “pop up” in your locality.

Commercial and shared spaces

Inspired by the free-and-easy model of successful tech start-ups, newly-minted businesses are increasingly turning to co-working spaces for their office needs. If you’re looking for a more conventional option, of course, traditional offices are always going to be a mainstay of the space-provision industry. Either way, commercial uses are certainly one of the most profitable options for your vacant space, so get in touch with one of our hundreds of space-hungry enterprises. Your property might be exactly what they need to implement their business expansion!

The time to act is now, do not let one more day go past with your space sitting empty. Let’s work together in making sure you are receiving a constant source of income, and let us show you how successful it can be.